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Status for 2007



Water Flocculants & disinfectant


Aluminium sulphate




Filter, drinking candle


Collapsible Tanks:


Water tank, collapsible (1500l, 5000l, and 10000l)


Water distribution kit, 6 taps


Polymer Container/Tanks:


Bucket, HDPE, with lid, 14l


Water container, PVC/PE, Collapsible, 10l


Water tank, modular rigid, PVC/PE, 10x1cbm


Water tank kit, PVC/PE, rigid (1500l, 3000l, and 5000l)




Squatting plate, plastic


Latrines, fixed:


Mould, plastic, for concrete latrine slab


Household Hygiene:


Pail w/bail, handle, polyethylene, 10 litre


Well Digging:


Bentonite (25kgs, 50kgs)


Drilling Fluid, foaming agent, and testing equipment


Well Pumps:


Centrifugal pumps, diesel


Submersible pumps, electric


Pump, line, electric


Submersible pumps, solar powered


Pump, dewatering, submersible, electrical


Casings and Screens:


Casing and Screen pipes and fittings


Rising Mains:


Rising Pipes, Fittings and Accessories


Pipes, Metallic:


GI Pipes


Pipes, Polymers:


uPVC pipes


HDPE Pipes


Water Meters:


Water Meters




Calcium hypochlorite 65-70%


Mobile Units:


Water purification unit, skid, 5cbm/hr and 15cbm/hr


Bacteriological Test:


Laboratory, water, portable


Bacteriogical H2S field testing kit


Chlorine Testing:




Chlorine test, DPD no. 1, 3 and 4, tablets


Physical Testing:


Conductivity meter


Portable labs:


Laboratory, conditioning, water, portable


Arsenic testing


Water quality assessment kit


Surveying Equipment:


Indicator, water level, audible


Geophysical equipment:


Logging equipment


Ground Water survey inst. Electromagnetic


The detail specification of the standard items listed above can be found on the UNICEF online catalogue. To visit it, click here.


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